Verdi strawberryplant

'‘a new robust variety for the future’'

  • Medium early, at the harvest time of Darselect
  • Conical fruits, red to deep red shiny
  • Juicy, aromatic fruit with a high Brix level
  • Heat-tolerant and a relatively constant fruit size
  • Good resistances


Verdi is suitable for cultivation in conventional fresh and frigo systems in open fi elds production or in tunnels. Due to its distinct aroma, Verdi is well suited for direct sales and short distribution channels. The shelf life of the fruit is good. Verdi has very good
resistance to common soil-borne diseases such as rhizome rot and Verticillium wilt. Verdi is also tolerant of powdery mildew. Verdi is a vigorous variety and uses the nutrients available in the soil in an efficient way. Therefore, Verdi needs less fertilisation for a successful harvest. The consistently high fruit weight in combination with the visibility of the fruit bunches leads to a high picking performance.

We are a tradeauthorised business and we work with licensed plant propagators from the Dutch breeding fi rm, Fresh Forward B.V..


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  • Fresh plug
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