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Dahli | Flair | Rumba | Verdi | Lambada | Daroyal | Darselect
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Falco | Sonsation | Sonata | Polka | Korona
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Faith | Magnus | Malwina

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Welcome to Henselmans Strawberry Plants!


For more than 60 years we have been supplying high quality plant material to our clients. Our personal touch and long- standing relationships with our customers is based on mutual trust, high expertise and continuous quality of our strawberry plants.


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Should you wish to advance more information about us and our quality requirement? Please feel free to reach us by phone: 0031 527 202533 or e-mail us at: You can also request your unconditional offer directly on this website.

See you soon,

With kind regards,


Joost and Joep Henselmans


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Our strengths


Continuous quality in our strawberry plant material is our key focus. The quality of the plant remains central to our actions. To meet the highest our aspired goal is to deliver the highest quality of plants available.


The first strawberry plants have been propagated from Arnold Henselmans in 1956. Therefore there is a high level of expertise in the business. Our day-to-day business and our industry links, keep us well- informed about recent trends and new developments.


The size of our company enables us to maintain personal contact to customers. It is particularly important for us to visit our customers regularly to remain updated in terms of their requirements, wishes and problems.

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