'robust and late'

  • Picking period: 10 days after Faith
  • Full of fl avour, especially when picked fully ripe
  • Good shelf-life
  • Tolerant to most leave diseases
  • High yield
  • Vigorous habitus, please adjust plant distance
  • Bright coloured and a good gloss


Magnus is a late 60 day selection and ripens 3-4 days earlier than Malwina. Fruits are very well tasting, fi rm and have a bright red colour. Magnus is suitable for direct sales and retail. Compared to Malwina the fruit is brighter, more uniform in size and appears to develop a higher percentage of Class 1 fruit throughout harvest. The plants are stronger against root and leave diseases. Attention
required for fl ower thrips and blossom weevil due to the late production
Strongly growing plant that needs wider spacing. The strong growth can delay fl ower initiation in fall. Therefore, it is recommended to utilise a low feeding strategy during July and August.


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Strawberryplants varieties overview

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  • Tray
  • Minitray
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