'starting the season tasty and early'

  • Very early variety, 10 days before Elsanta
  • Excellent taste
  • Brightly coloured fruit
  • Tolerant to most root diseases and mildew
  • Extremely suitable for tunnel cultivation


Flair comes into production quickly and gives a concentrated early harvest. Flair develops long leaf stalks and is an open plant. It is advisable to pursue a cultivation strategy which ensures that the plant stays compact. The soil must be fertile and should not contain any wet spots. Flair requires a great deal from the soil, which should not be too dry or too wet. Flair can be planted both in open fi elds
and on raised beds. In the case of more intensive cultivation often with very frequent watering Flair will produce a higher yield. Flair grows best on a single dam or row with a row distance of at least 1 metre. Flair is well suited to double covering and is the best alternative for tunnel cultivation. Flair performs best l.in the sheltered environment of a tunnel.


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