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Who are we?


We are the Henselmans brothers Joep and Joost Henselmans, the third generation at Henselmans Strawberry Plants in Luttelgeest, Netherlands.


Strawberry propagation has been successfully practiced since it was founded in 1956. We are a medium sized company, specializing in propagating strawberry plants. We guarantee competent advice and reliability in plant quality. In particular, this means that we make sure that we are personally involved in all work processes concerning the adherence to our quality guidelines. We constantly challenge ourselves to optimize all aspects of our operations

Joep Henselmans

After graduating from the University of Applied Science in Leuwaarden I returned to the family business. The beauty of working in our business is that I can pursue a set goal throughout the entire year, from beginning until the finished product. My tasks mainly include the cultivation of the strawberry plants as well as plant protection applications.  

Joost Henselmans

Joost Henslemans: After graduation of a degree in ‘Horticulture and Arable Farming’ at the University from Leeuwarden I returned to the parental farm in 2002. I perceive it as a great challenge to adapt quickly to changing market places conditions. My particular responsibility within our company is cultivation planning, business development.

Arnold Henselmans

Peter Meinhardt

I have devoted a great deal of my education to horticulture. After my studies abroad I focused entirely on soft fruits, in particular the strawberry. My area of specialty is marketing. Since 2009, I have firmly integrated into the company, feel responsible for sales and understand myself as the main contact partner for our customers in Germany.  

Antti Alanne

  Verkoop Finland +35 840 022 4694  

Vilmantas Dilka

Sales Lithuania and Latvia+370 657 73

Ülle Kaaristo

Sales agent Estonia+3725212267 .

  • Joost Henselmans

    Field operations and sales Europe

    Joost Henselmans

    Field operations
    and sales Europe
    +31 (0)6 4849 8269

  • Joep Henselmans

    Field management and cultivation

    Joep Henselmans

    Field management
    and cultivation
    +31 (0)6 2840 1939

  • Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe

    Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe
    +49 15155013740

Henselmans Aardbeiplanten

Kalenbergerweg 6 ||
8315 PE Luttelgeest (NL)

T +31 (0)527 202533
F +31 (0)527 202889

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