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The Henselmans family’s roots are in the northwestern part of the Netherlands: Noord-Holland and there are the roots of the business for market gardening as well. As already as 1935 vegetables and bulbs were grown on a total of 2,5 hectares of land there. The first strawberryplants were multiplied in the fifties of the last century. But the procedure in Noord-Holland, very small pieces of land and ditches as means of transport, gave no chance of expansion. So it was after the creation of the Noordoostpolder that Henselmans Senior decided to move with his family to Luttelgeest where they got a business as large as 12 hectares.

In 1973, the family business was taken over by our father and his three sons. The propagation of strawberry plants became increasingly important of the arable farming company in conjunction with the shift from heavy clay soil to lighter sandy soils in the northeast polder region. Eventually it was decided to stop cultivating arable crops and concentrate fully and completely on strawberry plant propagation. Therefore we were able to retain our small family structure and is today being run in the third generation. Until the present day, strawberry plants have been propagated with great pleasure and involvement.

 De familie Henselmans in 1958  Onkruid schoffelen werd er met de paplepel ingegoten

Aardbeiplanten rooien op de knieen en met 'het vorkje'   De boerderij in de noordoostpolder werd in 1956 toegewezen aan Henselmans Sr.

  • Joost Henselmans

    Field operations and sales Europe

    Joost Henselmans

    Field operations
    and sales Europe
    +31 (0)6 4849 8269

  • Joep Henselmans

    Field management and cultivation

    Joep Henselmans

    Field management
    and cultivation
    +31 (0)6 2840 1939

  • Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe

    Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe
    +49 15155013740

Henselmans Aardbeiplanten

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8315 PE Luttelgeest (NL)

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