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Welcome to Henselmans Strawberry Plants!


For more than 60 years we have been supplying high quality plant material to clients. Our personal touch and long- standing relationships with our customers is based on mutual trust, high expertise and continuous quality of our strawberry plants.

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Should you wish to advance more information about us and our quality requirement? Please feel free to reach us by phone: 0031 527 202533 or e-mail us at: You can also request your unconditional quote directly on this website by pressing the “quotation button" on the right.

 Strawberry plants with very nice roots

See you soon,

With kind regards,


Joost and Joep Henselmans


  • Joost Henselmans

    Field operations and sales Europe

    Joost Henselmans

    Field operations
    and sales Europe
    +31 (0)6 4849 8269

  • Joep Henselmans

    Field management and cultivation

    Joep Henselmans

    Field management
    and cultivation
    +31 (0)6 2840 1939

  • Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe

    Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe
    +49 15155013740

Henselmans Aardbeiplanten

Kalenbergerweg 6 ||
8315 PE Luttelgeest (NL)

T +31 (0)527 202533
F +31 (0)527 202889
E info@ļ¬

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