'a shining star'

  • High percentage Class 1 fruit
  • Glossy bright red fruit
  • Robust
  • Very attractive in punnets, also after storage
  • Firm berries with good rain tolerance
  • Suitable for both direct sales and retail


10-50-01 was selected in the breeding program of Flevoberry in the Netherlands. It was tested for the early season, grown outdoors in soil conditions. Ripening time about 3-4 days after Flair. Compared to other early varieties, 10-50-01 has an average yield. Leaves are erect and strong, enabling the plant to carry fl eece easily. Flowering takes place in between the leaves, minimizing potential spring frost risk. Plants would need additional P, Mn and Mg. Fruits are not sensitive for bruising.


mei jun jul aug sep okt
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