• Very productive everbearer
  • Excellent flavour
  • Bright and glossy fruit
  • Tolerant to mildew, fruit rot and flower thrips
  • Tolerant to root diseases


Furore grows steadily and robust. Furore develops vigorously in substrates, so the plant density has to be adjusted accordingly. A distinct characteristic of this everbearing variety is the fast development of new rhizomes. The variety therefore comes into production quickly from newly formed flowers. His growth characteristics allows a high yield, even though the plant is relatively small. The plant type and the time of planting have a great infl uence on the harvesting period. When cultivating light Frigo plants in the ground (planted March/April) the first two winter fl owers are than removed. The plant needs to be pushed through that phase in order
to achieve a harvest starting in July. Plug plants or fresh rooted tips planted outside in autumn can come into full production in May-June.

After the first harvesting flush, there can be a slight production gap of about two weeks. Production quickly picks up again in July. A large, early production can be achieved with trayplants. In the event of a large early production, please maintain high nutrient levels to sustain fruit firmness.



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  • Frigo A++
  • Tray
  • WB
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