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Quality requirements

We are proud to announce, that Henselmans Strawberry Plants operates to the highest quality standards in producing strawberry plant material which meets our exacting customer demands and beyond. Some say that quality can mean a lot of things? We believe that our business delivers quality in terms of healthiness and uniformity in plants alongside outstanding customer service capabilities.

  • Our mother plant material originates from  super elite-, insect-free greenhouse grown plants and claims to be of SE1/SE2- quality standard. After a year of greenhouse cultivation, plants are propagated only one year in the open- field area before they are shipped out to our customers. This method enables us to shorten the propagation process compared to the traditional system. Through this approach, we are convinced that our customers will benefit from a more healthy and vital strawberry plant.

  • Our propagation parcels are situated in a radius of less than 4 kilometers from our company and are largely controlled with our utmost accuracy.

  • Before a field is being farmed, a soil sample is taken and sampled in order to analyze for phytopathogenic and other harmful plant diseases. That enables us to minimize the risk of these pests to occur during cultivation.

  • The propagation procedure is also realized through a strict adherence of rules and regulations, ‘The Hygiene Protocol’, to diminish the intensity of infestation of pests and diseases, but also for monitoring purposes.

Grondontsmetting voorafgaand aan de teelt van aardbeiplanten   SE1 aardbeiplanten in luisdichte kas   Frigo aardbeiplanten van het ras Polka




  • Joost Henselmans

    Field operations and sales Europe

    Joost Henselmans

    Field operations
    and sales Europe
    +31 (0)6 4849 8269

  • Joep Henselmans

    Field management and cultivation

    Joep Henselmans

    Field management
    and cultivation
    +31 (0)6 2840 1939

  • Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe

    Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe
    +49 15155013740

Henselmans Aardbeiplanten

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