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Our clients can expect a continuous quality in our strawberry plant material. The quality of the plant remains central to our actions in terms of development but also due to our extensive experience. To meet the highest possible degree of quality, we try our utmost best to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.  



The first strawberry plants have been propagated from Arnhold Henselmans in 1956. Thus a wealth of experience in our field of expertise has been acculturated successfully over the years. Naturally therefore that our day-to-day business and our links to the industry, keeps us well- informed about recent trends and new developments.



The size of our company enables us to maintain personal client contacts. It is particularly important for us to visit our customers regularly to remain updated in terms of their requirements, wishes and problems.  

Gewasinspectie door Joost en Joep Henselmans  Aardbeiplanten Honeoye 13 september 2013

  • Joost Henselmans

    Field operations and sales Europe

    Joost Henselmans

    Field operations
    and sales Europe
    +31 (0)6 4849 8269

  • Joep Henselmans

    Field management and cultivation

    Joep Henselmans

    Field management
    and cultivation
    +31 (0)6 2840 1939

  • Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe

    Peter Meinhardt

    Sales Europe
    +49 15155013740

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